EbookPro Legacy Service

We are pleased to report that Ebookpro will continue to be available as a legacy service available for $39.97 per month. This is the link to subscribe.

The company that originally sold Ebookpro is no longer in business. The new owners of the business had planned to shut down the Ebookpro service after a one year notice period.

We were surprised to receive emails from people still using Ebookpro. Several sent very nice emails asking us to continue the Ebookpro service so their legacy customers could continue to access their ebooks.

Our team worked nights and weekends to restore, upgrade and migrate the service. New software was written to improve manageability, security and stability. We made a significant investment, and don't expect to make any money on this. We are doing this as a favor to help out the legacy users.

If you are having difficulty accessing an individual ebook, please contact the company that sold you the ebook.

For information on the Legacy Ebook service, please email: ebooks at Internetmarketing dot com.

Click here to subscribe.

Thank you,

The NEW Internet Marketing Team