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What's going on with Ebook Pro?
· · January 10 at 1:07pm
  • Basil Peters Hi Bert - Good news on Ebookpro. It's a long story, but we are pleased to say that we are investing in new software and systems so we can continue to provide a legacy service to Ebookpro users.
    January 11 at 8:19am
  • Basil Peters For more information on how to subscribe to the Ebookpro Legacy Service:
    January 11 at 8:22am ·
  • Josh Seltzer Good news? lol. You guys bought a company that sold the eBook Pro software which tons of people with six and seven figure a year businesses still use. It's your responsibility to honor the product we bought. Abruptly disabling customer's eBook Pro software and then telling them "Good news. For only $39.97 you can continue to use the product you already payed for," won't cut it. There's a simple solution to this. If you guys don't want to deal with eBook Pro, give us a version of the software we can host on our own server. I'd be more than happy to receive that service. Why? It'd cost me no more than five dollars a month.
    January 12 at 12:47am ·
  • Basil Peters Josh, please understand that we did NOT purchase the company. I've sent you more than one email to explain this. Please re-read them. Thanks, Basil Peters
    January 12 at 6:04pm ·
  • Josh Seltzer Basil - Up till today I received a total of zero responses from you guys. To your credit, you've been extremely responsive in addressing my concerns. (In fact, you're the first person representing the Internet Marketing Center to do so). This is a good sign and a pleasant surprise. Perhaps, if Chuck Anderson would've had someone like you handling customer's concerns from the get go he wouldn't be in this slough. Anywho, thank you for your help and hopefully this trend continues.
    January 12 at 9:08pm ·
  • Sue Woodriffe Boyle we only found out today that the plug was pulled and we have had a very fast and good response from the IMC in restoring our account. However, we had absolutely NO warning that this was happening and no time to make alternative arrangments and are now faced with a monthly charge for a service we bought and paid for a long time ago. Last we heard technical support was being withdrawn but that the secure system was staying as before.... are we alone in thinking there is a bit of an issue here?
    January 14 at 2:26pm ·
  • Roscoe Nash Its nice to read that I'm not the only one whose in this mess, I thought my admin was bad and I haven't been reading my emails about updating to a new ebook software, as ebook pro was going to start charging and blocking me and my customers access to my work.
    January 16 at 2:13am ·
  • Roscoe Nash If they need to host on a new server, why cant it be $10 a month, as I only make between $50 - $100 a month.
    January 16 at 2:16am ·
  • Wilson Yong Ebook pro is a scam we were promised a one time payment of USD199 for unlimited use now they just shut it down and demand we pay USD39.99 per month this is unfair as originally if this were to happen I would never had bought or use ebook pro.
    January 19 at 11:35am ·
  • Basil Peters Hi Wilson - I sympathize. Please keep in mind that we have no relationship at all with the company that sold you the product. We purchased the assets. The domains, servers, etc. We were not even planning to continue Ebookpro. Our understanding was that all of the users had been advised a year ago that it would be shut down. When a number of users asked us, very nicely, to keep it going, we had to hire people to write new code and to reconfigure and move the infrastructure so we could provide a service. Its a long complicated story.
    January 20 at 8:36pm ·
  • Josh Seltzer Hi Basil. The end of the month is edging closer. When do you guys plan to have a site set up for us to pay for eBook Pro's monthly fee?
    January 21 at 5:19pm ·
  • IMC Coaching Hi Josh, we are working hard on it. It will be before the end of the month for sure. The service will continue until then uninterrupted. Thanks for asking and please let me know if we can help in any way. Have a great weekend!
    January 21 at 5:49pm ·
  • Larissa Carrus I'm also outraged about this. I would like to know are you going to refund all of my customers who will be demanding a refund on their ebooks that I gave them a lifetime money back guarantee on? When we purchased ebook pro it was a one off fee. This is a scam and that's exactly what our customers are going to say about our products that we have spent years building our reputation around. IMC has always had a reputation of helping people and that's what we are all in business to do. It seems that IMC has lost this vision of helping people and only looking at ways to make money.
    January 23 at 1:41am ·
  • IMC Coaching Larrisa - I really do sympathize. I have been trying to help everyone understand that the company that sold you the software originally has gone out of business. We have no relationship, affiliation or history with that company. We purchased the domains, servers, etc - only the assets, not the company. We are only trying to help people like you out! I hope that's clear. And again, my sympathies.
    January 23 at 6:39am ·
  • Sue Woodriffe Boyle But there was no email a year ago telling us this was happening and NO warning when you pulled the plug on our account - how is that helping?
    January 23 at 6:51am ·
  • IMC Coaching Hi Sue - apologies. We were told that everyone was notified. It may have been captured by your spam filter. Sorry about that.
    January 23 at 7:32am ·
  • Larissa Carrus please correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't this comment state that the service will be uninterrupted until you setup the option for us to pay for it?. Why are my customers being locked out then??? "we are working hard on it. It will be before the end of the month for sure. The service will continue until then uninterrupted. Thanks for asking and please let me know if we can help in any way. Have a great weekend!"
    January 23 at 1:35pm ·
  • Larissa Carrus Derek Gehl has no connection with IMC anymore. I have purchased many products and coaching from IMC for over 10 years and they helped me build a very successful online business which is still producing an income today. So what they were providing back when Corey and Derek were in charge was information that really did work, If you applied it. I can't speak for the new owners I guess they have to earn our trust back and it doesn't seem like they are off to a good start.
    January 23 at 1:48pm ·
  • Wilson Yong If Derek gehl were doing so well why do they want to sell the company ? Read the rip off report people pay $8000 to learn nothing.
    January 25 at 3:21am ·
  • IMC Coaching Hi Wilson and Larissa - I am one of the new owners of the business. I agree with Larissa - we have to earn the trust. Wilson, unfortunately, the actually company was not doing well. This wasn't because the products were excellent, IMO it was because it had been previously sold to a fund that didn't really understand the business. Their board made a series of decisions that did not work for the business. The investor group that I am part of believed in the business and invested in the business, NOT the old company. I hope that is helpful. Basil Peters
    January 25 at 7:28am ·